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Wusthof is a knife maker known for its high quality products that is based in Solingen in Germany.  It has been family owned for seven generations and was founded in 1814.  As well as knives, they also produce ranges such as kitchen shears, pocket knives and other cooking accessories.

Apart from the Gourmet and Silverpoint ranges, all of the knives are made to the German standard, which is 0.5% carbon, 15% chromium and smaller amounts of molybdenum and vanadium.


Wusthof produce a numbers of ranges of their high quality professional knives, some of which are used by some of the biggest names in catering.  Their showpiece ranges include:

Classic – these knives are made in a traditional triple riveted style with a full length tang and a polypropylene handle.  They are used by Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.  The Cordon Bleu range is the same as the classic but with a smaller bolster to give them less weight and this range is endorsed by Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris.

Ikon – this range is the same basis as the classic but instead of the polypropylene handle, these knives use a wooden handle.  The Classic Ikon has black handles and the Ikon Crème features white handles.  They are used by both Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Culinary – this range is a contemporary design using rivetless stainless steel handles and a concealed tang.  They are used by James Martin.

Emeril – these are the low end consumer knives that still have the standard of Wusthof products but are made for the affordable consumer market.  They are used by Emeril Lagasse.

XLine – this is the newest range that is named from the X design of the knife.  This is made using an innovative forging technique where the handle links to the blade in an X.  This enables the best handling of the knife and optimum guidance of the blade.

Product examples

Wusthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Set with Block

This is a 12 piece set from the Gourmet range that includes the wooden knife block to keep everything tidy and in one place.  The blades are sharp and tempered with polypropylene handles that are riveted for strength and durability.  The set contains a 2 ½ inch parer, 3 inch parer, 4 ½ inch utility, 8 inch bread, 8 inch cooks, 4 steak knives, a 9 inch honing steel, kitchen shears and the block to store them all.  These knives are stamped blades, which mean they are thinner and lighter so need a firm grip to use but are ideal for people with small hands or weak joints.

Wusthof Classic 5-Piece Studio Knife Set

This six piece set from the Classic range features tough POM handles with full tang and three rivets while the blades have laser tested edges to last the longest and to give uniform cutting.  The set includes a 6 inch cook knife, 4 ½ inch utility, 3 ½ inch parer, shears and the storage block to keep the set together and safe in the kitchen.