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Tassimo Coffee

Do you regret the amount of time you spend making coffee each morning?  For many, coffee is a daily morning ritual of the working class.  However, making coffee and be a process, especially if you’re in a hurry to get to work.  Coffee pods eliminate this scenario, allowing one to make a fresh cup of coffee with easy.  There’s a huge variety of brands on the market today, each with their own pro’s and con’s.  Big names like Tassimo Coffee and Keurig Coffee dominate the market.  In this guide we’ll discuss how coffee cup makers work, and what the best brewer for you is.

Coffee pods

Coffee pods are one of the new paradigms in the coffee world.  The predominating philosophy behind single-use coffee pods is to reduce the time needed to brew coffee and serve it.  First developed in 1998, the Keurig Coffee Maker debuted to rave reviews.  Soon America found itself lining up to purchase the new easy way to brew coffee.  Today single use coffee makers can be found everywhere from homes, doctors offices, and hotels.  Their simplicity, accessibility, and ease of use makes them ideal candidates for anywhere.

There are a variety of different makers on the market today.  Keurig dominates the market, churning out reliable makers.  Keurig has become almost synonymous with the coffee pods, being referred to as “Keurigs.”  Tassimo is second on the list of coffee pod companies, based out of France.  Popular European espresso brand Lavaaza has recently branched into the single serve coffee maker market as well, and has released a few makers under different brands.

There are a few different kinds of coffee containers that are used in single serve makers.  Coffee pods are the most common, and are sold in a variety of stores.  Coffee capsules were first patented by Nespresso, but since are produced by a wide berth of coffee companies.  Coffee bags are all the rage in some locations, working very much the same way tea bags work.  Whatever maker you choose, make sure you buy coffee containers that are compatible with your maker.

Single use coffee makers

Single use coffee makers all largely function the same way.  The operator places the coffee cup or other container device in an outer receptacle on their coffee maker.  The coffee cups contain pre-ground coffee beans from anything to regular coffee to espresso.  The coffee cups are all vacuum-sealed to ensure they are as fresh as possible.  Once the coffee pod is placed in the maker, the user presses a button to begin the brewing process.  Water is pumped into a heating chamber, where it is warmed to optimal coffee brewing temperature.  Once the water is heated, it is transported to a chamber just above the coffee pod.

Once the coffee server is inserted into the maker and closed, small pins pierce the top of the cup, giving water access to the coffee grounds.  The hot water makes its way into the cup, where it brews much like a traditional coffee maker.  The coffee exits the machine into the waiting coffee mug below.

Keurig K60/K65 Special Edition Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig has proven itself to be a force in the coffee industry, and for good reason.  The K60/K65 is a proven and reliable brewer that will churn out cups of coffee for many years.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve Coffee Maker, Silver

With a name like Mr. Coffee, you can’t go wrong.  The BVMC-KG-001 Maker is a low-cost but reliable way to get into the single serve coffee maker game.  Accepting most coffee pod brands, this maker would be a perfect for the college dorm.