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K Cups Best Price

Keurig K-cups are an ideal way to get loads of different types of coffee for your Keurig coffee machine without having to shop around a dozen different stores.  K-cups best price ranges offer a selection of their products in one handy pack so if you don’t know which is your favourite, there’s plenty of experimentation to be had!

K-Cup Portion Variety Pack for Keurig Brewers, 50 Count

Keurig offer a variety of different packs with amounts of single serve k-cups to try different products.  This one is amongst the best value as it offers 50 different types of drink and guarentees there will be no duplicates as the packs are hand-selected.  There will be a random selection of regular and flavoured coffees, medium or bold coffees, iced and hot teas, apple ciders, iced coffees and even hot chocolates from a range of their different brands.

RRP $26.55 ($0.53 per cup)

Best K-cup flavours

Deciding which will be your favourite will be a completely personal decision.  But here’s a little about some of the choices you may encounter in a set to whet your taste buds.

Green Mountain Coffee is one of the brands you will encounter producing K-cups for the Keurig coffee machines.  This is a specialist company who take a lot of interest in the impact their trade has on the world as well as just making good coffee.  They recommend three ways to choose the best coffee; by origin, by roast and by brewing method.  For example, origin of the bean is affected by things such as soil, rainfall and the processing techniques used in different areas while the roasting of the bean is obviously key.  Their ranges include coffee, hot cocoa, hot tea, fruit brews, brewed over ice ranges and specialist and wellness selections.

Timothy’s World Coffee is another brand which features in the K-cup list.  Timothy’s is a Canadian coffeeshop chain which originated in Toronto in 1975.  They still roast and produce their varieties of coffee in their own plant in Toronto, guaranteeing the freshness of their product.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees are an Australian-owned specialist coffee company which has over 1000 coffee houses across the world.  The company originally came from Chicago in 1979 and produce a range of espressco coffees, blended drinks and specialist teas.

Starbucks is perhaps one of the best known brands of coffeehouse chains in the world with over 20,000 stores from their headquarters in Seattle, Washington.  Their K-cup ranges include a similar variety to those offer in their shops.

From the tea specialists at Twinnings of London come a range of traditional teas in K-cups such as Early Grey and Earl Grey Breakfast as well as Green tea, Pure Camomile and Pure Peppermint teas.

How does a K-cup work?

K-cups work on a simple principle; there is a paper filter inside each cup which during the production process is filled with coffee, tea or other drink.  It is made airtight using a foil lid.  To make a hot drink, the K-cup is placed on a small platform under the brew head and when the start button is pressed, small holes are puncture in the top and bottom of the K-cup.  The brewer pushes the hot water through the K-cup and into the mug with the K-cup then being disposable.

There are over 200 different varieties currently in the range and new ones are added all the time.  So once you find one that perfectly suits your tastes, you can buy in 24 packs to get the K-cups best price.  Either that or there are different multi-packs so you can keep trying as many different types as you want.