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Ninja Blenders Reviews and Comparison Chart

Many manufacturers have a range of blenders, and here we are looking to review Ninja blenders.  A blender can serve a multitude of purposes in the kitchen from blending fruit, crushing ice and making smoothies to chopping and dicing food.

Why Buy a Blender?

There are a variety of blenders available as well, with different motor speeds and blade set-ups.  A general guideline is that if you are searching for a blender to make smoothies and frozen drinks then the 400-500 watts products will serve adequately.  For chopping or grinding tasks, a chopping blade is needed, and the blender needs processing functions in addition to standard blender settings.

Blenders come with a jug or pitcher as standard in most cases.  The more expensive models usually have glass pitchers which are heavier and more enduring while less expensive models have plastic pitchers which may scratch, but don’t carry the risk of breaking if dropped.

Ninja Blender Comparison Chart

ProductWattsPitcher SizeNumber of SpeedsPrice ($, $$, $$$)

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830)
150072 oz10$$$

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771)
150072 oz3$$$

Ninja Kitchen System 1200 (BL700)
150072 oz4$$$

Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Blending Cups (BL660)
110072 oz3$$

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)
100072 oz3$$

Ninja Master Prep Professional (QB1004)
45048 oz1$

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)
40048 oz1$

Most blenders have a stainless steel blade system and all of those we have looked at below can crush ice in addition to fruit and vegetables.  Some will have a variety of speeds designed for specific tasks and usually a pulse setting which gives everything a good mix around.

Who is Ninja?

Ninja Blenders are a range produced by a company called Euro-Pro.  They produce a full range of blenders which offer a range of different options based around the core of their stainless steel six blade system.  This set up means there is not the area at the bottom of the pitcher where content does not get blended which can lead to lumps and unblended content.  Combined with high powered motors and a vortex designed container, this means that you get reliable high performance every time.

These blenders come in a range of prices and with a variety of accessories depending on what you are wanting from your blender.  One of the advantages of these blenders is the multitude of jobs they can before which means you do not need to store a variety of products on your countertop.

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830)

The Ninja Ultima Blender Plus has 1500 watts of power to use the built-in Total Crushing Technology which can break down ice, whole fruits and vegetables.  It also features the High Speed Cyclonic Technology, which can puree foods to a smooth, creamy state.  It works with having two separate sets of blades with the lower ones able to blend at 24,000 RPM while the upper blades crush the ingredients at 5,000RPM.

This blender has 10 variable speeds as well as a Pulse setting so this means you can easily adjust the speed of the blender without over mixing the contents.  There is a lock on the base so the pitcher cannot come lose, and the lid also features a lock system on the spout.

It is also provided with 3 Pro Single Serve Cups with Sip and Seal lids for drinks which are taken on the move.  This means you can blend your desired ingredients straight into the cup and take it with you without having to move from one container to another.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771)

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is equally adept at blending frozen items, food processing, making dough and nutrient complete juicing.  It has a 72oz pitcher size, an 8-cup food processor bowl with 3-cup bowl-in-bowl.  It is also supplied with two 16oz. single serve blending cups which have lids and allow blended drinks to be consumed immediately.

This means that it can blend whole fruits and vegetables into nutritious drinks or blend them into smoothies with the addition of ice.  The blender can mix the dough, creating 2lb in around 30 seconds and is proficient at basic food processing tasks such as chopping.

To accomplish these tasks, the Mega Kitchen System has a 1500 watt motor, stainless steel blades and three speed setting with an additional pulse setting. All of the elements are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.

Ninja BL770

The Ninja BL660 Mega Kitchen System is ideal for blending, chopping, crushing ice, juicing and even kneading dough.  It has a 1500 watt motor and operates across four speeds.  It is composed of stainless steel and finished with black elements.

The pitcher on this set has a large 72 oz capacity while the processor bowl has it’s own blade attachment and handles up to 64 oz.  There are two 16 oz. blending cups in the set which include To-Go lids to allow you to blend then drink from the same cup.

There is also a separate dough blade attachment to allow the kneading of the dough and a Healthy Living ideas book comes with the product to get you started.

All parts of the blender are dishwasher safe and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

The Ninja Professional Blender covers the three main areas of blending; frozen blending, nutrient complete juicing and ice crushing.  It has a large 72 oz. blender jar and two 16 oz. single serve cups with To Go lids.

It has 1100 watts of power so can reduce ice to snow for snow cones, blend whole fruits and vegetables and create holiday resort style drinks by blending a variety of ingredients together.  It can reduce the contents of the cup into tiny pieces within ten seconds with its six stacked blades.

One advantage of the blender is that the large pitcher is made from plastic where other brands can be made from glass.  This means it is lighter to handle and does not have the smash risk that a glass one would.

All of the elements of the blender are dishwasher-safe.

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

The NJ600 model from the Professional range has a 1000 watt motor for professional blending performance.  It has a large 72 oz. pitcher complete with an easy to use pouring spout.

Performance is achieved through an advanced six blade assembly which ensures that no part of the mixture is untouched, even at the bottom of the pitcher.

The blades will easily chop up ice for frozen drinks or vegetables and fruit for various uses. It has three speeds as well as a pulse setting. It is described more as a blender than a food processor but what it does, it does efficiently and quickly.

This sturdy blender has a no-slip base and cord storage.  All the elements are dishwasher safe or can be cleaned with hot water and a little blend with some soap to make sure all elements are fresh.  It comes with a one year warranty.

Ninja Master Prep Professional (QB1004)

The Ninja Master Prep Professional has less power than the earlier blenders, but corresponding is lower in price.  However the quality is still present; it can crush ice into snow and create creamy drinks or desserts in the shortest time.  It can mince, dice, chop and puree just as easily and is provided with a 48 oz. pitcher as well as a 40 oz. bowl and a 16 oz. chopper.

It has a single pulsing speed to ensure even blending of ingredients and runs on a 450 watt motor.  This Ninja is easy to take apart, swap between uses and the blade can be removed as soon as you have finished using it to avoid accidents.

The blender looks smart with its stainless steel design featuring black accents and is dishwasher safe to maintain this appearance.

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

The Ninja Master Prep is the lowest in price of the list of blenders but still has a 400 watt engine and comes with a 48 oz. pitcher, 40 oz. pitcher and a 16 oz. prep bowl.  The pitchers feature an easy flip pour spout to avoid spills.

It can blend frozen products, process food and chop easily and has the Ninja quad blade technology.  The blender easily minces dices, chops, purees and blends as well as dealing with frozen produce.

The base of the blender has a no slip bottom and all of the other parts are dishwasher safe.  It comes with one year warranty.

Blenders at a Glance

These are just a glimpse at the range of products which are available from Ninja, but they offer a blender for all prices and all requirements.  Hopefully this information will help you make an informed decision when you come to buy a new blender for your kitchen.  See more kitchen products reviewed across our website.