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Hand Mixer Reviews

Some of the most fun in the kitchen involves the use of mixers. This one device can take what once was hard work and turn it into whirling and swirling fun that even a child can handle.

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In reading the hand mixer reviewers it’s possible to see how these devices enhance the joy of working in the kitchen. There are those models that seem to be able to do practically anything, while you also find many that are reasonably priced that have the power to tackle the thickest mixes with ease.

KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Display Hand Mixer

A mixer with all the attachments can make quick work of almost any task that involves combining ingredients. The KitchenAid 9-Speed digital display hand mixer has turbo beater accessories and a liquid blender rod to make even a difficult mixture become smooth quickly. This mixer also has dough hooks, whisk, and an accessory bag. A colorful candy apple red it the KitchenAid 9 has nine controls for mixing, whipping, and kneading. With electronic control with digital LED display making a change from one speed to another with ease will cut down the amount of time it takes to have the mixture just right.  Just as important this is a light weight appliance with an easy beater eject button so even those who might have problems with dexterity will not have issues using this blender. This hand mixer with the attachments can be found for less than $90.

Oster 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer

The Oster FPSTHM2578 6 Speed mixer is small and dependable. With a powerful 250-Watt Motor it’s also capable of the expected from a much larger mixer. Along with the 6 speeds this blender is capable of, it also has a Burst of Power button to get through a tough spot such as sticky ingredients or those that need to be broken apart. The mixer comes with Chrome Beaters and whisk covering the bases for almost any task at hand. The retractable cord makes storing the mixer easy, since no cord has to be wound after use. Those who have written hand mixer reviews about the Oster mention the Burst of Speed button and the slow speed button help make any mixture without a mess or spill over. This mixer can be found for less than $25.

Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Power Deluxe Hand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 6 speed power deluxe is a small model, but its ease of use makes it a good buy. With six speeds and a QuickBurst button for extra power this model stands up well to the same tasks larger more expensive models routinely handle. Small, compact with a white body and blue controls this is an easy to clean mixer that delivers on speed and power. Traditional beaters and whisk come with the unit that can be found for sale at less than $15.

The Fun of Cooking with Mixers

The first job most young cooks tackle in the kitchen is learning how to use the mixer. There’s something exciting about watching a collection of none related ingredients begin to blend together into a smooth, even mixture. Anyone who cooks usually loves this part of the process. In looking for the right mixer for the kitchen the solution often lies in looking at storage space, counter space, and how often the hand mixer will be used. Those who constantly need to have a mixer at hand might need to look for a higher end model, while those who use one only occasionally can often look for less expensive alternatives.