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Oster Blender Review

The frothy milkshake ad poster can pull the unwary mall shopper in directions they shouldn’t go, but in reality a fruit, vegetable, or even ice cream smoothie made at home can be a low-cost, low-calorie nutritional treat.

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The same type of equipment found in restaurants and ice cream shops when used at home can make a huge difference for those looking to have a healthier diet, or who want to make incredible recipes which call for fine mincing, grinding or pureeing food.

A food process or blender is an item those who entertain or who want almost instant gratification in the kitchen can’t do without. In readingOster Blenderreviews it’s easy to see classic ideas have been enhanced, but still live up to an older and respected name in kitchen appliances.

The Classic Beehive Design

The beehive design of the Oster 4125 6-piece Kitchen Center in Chrome has the romantic look of an old-fashion soda shop and ability to take other modern food processers to task. With an ice crusher stainless steel blade, and powerful 600-watt motor this blender is simple to operate, but powerful to use. In this set the 5-cup glass jar has an ideal appearance, but is dishwasher safe and scratch resistant. The stainless steel jar works well with the milkshake blade to create frothy concoctions. There is also a food processor attachment, and mini jar for grinding or storage.  This blender can do more than just mix drinks or make milkshakes through with the powerful 600 watt 3-speed motor it’s possible to create anything a recipe might call for from mixing creamy or pureed sauces, dips or soups. This is a great present for those enjoy making protein shakes or smoothies as this is a powerful blender, but has a easy to use dial with standard low, medium, or high settings. The food processor attachment means there is no need to start with one machine and move to another during the course of following a recipe.

Easy to Store

TheOster Counterforms 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender features brushed stainless steel, and a deceptively smaller appearance that still offers power. This blender will fit under most countertops, but holds up to 6 cups, and also has a 600-watt motor and ice crushing blade strength. The glass food jar can withstand extreme changes in temperature, and is scratch resistant to maintain its appearance longer. Easy to use, one-touch settings make quick work of anything from a smoothie to a soup with less cutting or dicing for the cook.

Small and Powerful

The Oster 4096 Classic Beehiveis slightly scaled down in size and price, but still has power at 500 watts. The same ice crusher blade and 5-cup capacity is available, as is the all-metal drive system that keeps the Oster blenders in top condition for a longer period of time. This blender has a two-speed toggle with pulse giving a cook the opportunity to work fast, even when space is limited. In looking at Oster blender reviews it’s clear that even at this smaller size this blender has the power for vegetable smoothies or icy mixed drinks.

These give you an idea of the blenders in the Oster range; for a comparison, feel free to review our Ninja blenders page.