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Best Frying Pan

The question of what is the best frying pan depends a lot on what a person wants from this essential kitchen pan.  Frying pans come in two main categories; stainless steel and non-stick and are produced by many  brands.

The stainless steel tends to be more expensive but the lack of a coating means there is less change of tainting.  The non-stick pans are better are exactly what they say; stopping food sticking to the pans and then burning.  The downside of this is the coating can be scratched and possible flake into food.

Best High-End Frying PanBest Economic Frying PanBest Budget Frying Pan

What the pan is used for is a major factor in which will be best, as will the budget you have to spend on it.  Be it a first time purchase or a replacement, here are a few suggestions to show you what is available.

High End – Cuisinart 722-30G Chefs Classic 12- inch skillet with glass cover

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic is a 12 inch diameter skillet which has sloping sides which allows for the maximum cooking surface.  It is made from 18/10 stainless steel with a mirrored finish guaranteed not to discolour or react with food or to taint contents.

This skillet has an aluminium base which heats up quickly and spreads that heat across the surface so there is no hot spots or cool spots.  It can also be used in a variety of different wats; stove top, in the oven or even under a broiler.  The handle features the riveted Cool Grip to avoid heat spreading along its length.

The Cuisinart is dishwasher safe and can be used with metal utensils without fear of scratching the pan.  It features a glass lid which allowed viewing of contents and prevents injuries from spitting.

Economic – T-Fal E9380884 12 inch fry pan

The T-Fall 12inch frying pan is made with aluminium and features the T-Fal non-stick coating on inside and outside.  It also includes their special Thermo-Spot technology which indicates when the pan is at optimum temperature for use.

While doing everything you would expect of a frying pan, such as meat sautés, omelettes and general frying, this pan is lightweight and has sloped sides to maximise available size.  The base of the pan is also coated to prevent warping due to heat.  It is safe to use on all cooking tops including an induction top and can also be used in the oven up to a temperature of 350 degrees.

The pan has a silicon handle with stay cool coating, ergonomic shaping for ease of use and even a hold at the end of the handle to allow ease of handing.  It can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well as traditional cleaning methods.

Budget – T-Fal A9108294

This is a workhorse from T-Fal which can hold 5 quarts for larger meals but still features the non-stick coatings which T-Fal are renowned for.  The pan has a glass lid and a reinforced base to allow even distribution of heat for reliable cooking results.  The depth of two inches means it can hold far more content than the average pan.

The pan is dishwasher safe or can be wiped clean with cloth or paper towel.  It also features firm handles on either side for ease of use, particularly for people with joint problems who can use both hands.  It is lighter than more expensive pans, which can also be suitable if lifting the larger pans is challenging.

The jumbo frying pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.   It is 12 inches in diameter and stands up to repeated uses without losing its special features.  T-Fal recommends plastic or wooden spoons with the pan to avoid scouring the non-stick coating.

 A Few Ideas

These are just a few of the frying pan available on the cookware brands market in a wide range of sizes and finishes.   Many ranges make smaller pans with the same features as well as co-ordinating items so once you find something that you like, you can expand into other pans of the same range.  So once you know what your budget is, what kind of size suits your need and what extra features finish the package, then you will have the facts you need to make an informed purchase of the best frying pan.