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Best Tea Kettle for Optimal Flavour

The question of what makes the best tea kettle is one that can be answered depending on a person’s preference and experience.  But if you are looking for advice some of those things from others to help make your decision, here are a few facts and tips.

Best High-End Tea KettleBest Economic Tea KettleBest Budget Tea Kettle

Firstly, tea kettles are useful for more than just making tea.  They supply hot water to the kitchen for jobs such as making coffee, hot cocoa or instant meals, perhaps even for cleaning.  Stovetop kettles are the traditional type which can be put onto gas or electric stovetops to heat the water.  They offer the option of either using the boiled water in a mug to finish the drink or even adding tea to the kettle directly.

Stovetop kettles can be less costly than electrical versions and can be heated through any source of heat, such as a hot plate or a range.  They also tend to be longer lasting and simple to clean with working antique versions still being sold.  The majority of them are made of stainless steel with a few enamelled models also available for the fashion conscious.

Generally, due to them not needing their own heat source, tea kettles are smaller in stovetop than electrical versions.  This is also suitable for people with smaller kitchens or a lack of storage space.  If using with a hotplate, can be taken away on trips without too much problem.

There are simple traditional features to tea kettles that are still practical today.  The whistling when the water boils is one feature retained by many models as well as a tea infuser which allows the tea bag to be steeped in the water, but is easy to then remove.  The advantage of a whistling kettle can be that you don’t need to stand and watch it for fear of it boiling dry.

From a modern perspective, there are also a vast range of different styles.  From sleek to fanciful, there is a tea kettle for every room and colour scheme and even personality!  Some of these products are attractive enough to be on display at all times and add to the décor of the kitchen. And some designers have even begun to make their own tea kettles as part of a designer range due to their popularity.

High End – Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Kettle

The Sori Yanagi is a stainless steel tea kettle is finished with a brushed steel effect  and had a capacity of 2.5 litres.  It stands 205mm high including handle, with a width of 244mm and depth of 190mm so stands on the stove without dominating the space.

The lid of the kettle has a vent in it to allow steam to escape and has a sturdy handle which can be managed even by people joint issues.  This model is a whistleless tea kettle which is produced in Japan.

Economic – Chefs Secret 2.75 qt Surgical Tea Kettle with Copper Capsule Bottom

This is a modern design of a tea kettle from Chefs Secret, which combines the traditional uses of a tea kettle with innovative and ergonomic design.  It features a copper capsule bottom and is made from high shine stainless steel.

This kettle whistles when water is boiling in it and has an opening lever to avoid steam burns.  It also has a silicone handle for good grip.  It does not feature a tea ball to steep tea bags into the water, but suitable ones can be bought separately.

Budget –Paula Deen Signature Teakettles 2-Quart Curvy Kettle.

This unique tea kettle, from the Paula Deen brand, contains a uniquely shaped handle which maintains a comfortable grip while maintaining a distance from steam to avoid burns.  The spout fits tightly to avoid heat loss and this kettle whistles to indicate water is boiling.  It is available in red and blue.

Due to the speckle finish on this kettle, it makes a pleasing spectacle on the stovetop but is still easy to clean.  Its dimensions are 10.5 x 9.2 x 9 inches.


These are just a sample of the different stove top kettles which are available for making the best teas for wonderful taste and to help you make an informed decision.  Good luck with your purchase!