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Best Electric Tea Kettle

Coming inside on a blistery day having the kettle ready to make tea, or a hot breakfast of oats is both a physical and a psychological perk. In summer the faster you can have water heated to the needed the temperature the better.

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Warmth and Comfort in an Electric Tea Kettle

The best electric kettle will perform these tasks for you almost soundless, and with greater accuracy in having the perfect temperature quickly than your great grandmother ever dreamed would be possible. For the many recipes that call for water at an exact temperature a programmable control on a kettle is invaluable. Yet, the electric or variable temperature kettle remains one of the most reasonably priced gadgets in the kitchen.

Style and Function

Shopping for the best electric tea kettle is a matter of knowing one’s own priorities. For some style is more important while others will only be happy with the smoothest operation possible. Fortunately, there are some kettles that offer both style and function. In these products it’s also possible to find important safety features such as automatic shut off when the water in the kettle has boiled away, and safe use heating elements.

The Breville Variable Temperature 1.8-Liter Kettle

The Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8 liter kettle strives to do everything except pour the water for you. Many recipes and even teas will call for water at a certain temperature and this kettle can take the guesswork out of making the perfect cup, or having a meal turn out looking exactly as hoped. Along with five pre-set settings for temperatures the kettle has it’s own measuring window allowing those brewing to see the water level to the exact measurement. A hold button keeps the water at the desired temperature for twenty minutes. The button control is large enough to use easily, and the base itself is made of stainless steel making the cleaning up less of a chore. This is a 1500 watt kettle that holds up to two quarts, but still will not take up much space on the countertop at less than 10 inches wide, and eleven inches tall. Fitting under most cabinets, the base plugs into an outlet, but the pot is cordless so there’s no tugging on power cord or having it dangle as you try to pour.

The Chef’s Choice M679 Cordless Electric Glass Kettle

Many people prefer glass for a clear view and the Chef’s Choice M679 cordless electric obliges this desire with a stylish kettle featuring a heat-resistant clear glass pot, with a brushed stainless steel housing and base. While it isn’t as programmable as some electric kettles the Chef’s does make this up in speed and ease. With a 1-3/4 quart capacity it heats water faster than most microwaves at two minutes for a rolling boil. It automatically reduces heat when water has reached a boiling point, and shuts off when the water has boiled dry. The glass allows the individual brewing to see when the correct temperature is reached, and the kettle pot can be lifted from the base for easy pouring. The push button for the lid opening is designed for single-handed use, meaning less chance of spills or accidents.

T-fal Vitesses 1.7L with Variable Temperature

Keep it simple is the mantra of many home cooks, and the attractive, white T-fal Vitesses is an uncomplicated and inexpensive way to have boiling hot water in minutes. The T-fal B650003 can boil 7 cups in just 5 minutes. The external water-level indicator lets you know how much is poured, and the on/off switch is located in the handle. This makes pouring a simple matter even for those who haven’t had their first cup of tea yet. The heating element is concealed giving the kettle a stylish appearance, and allows the tea brewer an easier time with clean up.

The tea kettle has come a long way from the simple, rustic copper pot that sat on the stove, and for good reason. Despite its romantic qualities the copper pot is far more hazardous than it’s modern day counterpart. The electric version is quieter, safer, and for those rushed morning these are also much faster. Whether it’s style or function a cook is looking for, it’s possible to find the perfect kettle that offers both, at a reasonable price.