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Best Cooking Thermometer for Indoors or Outdoors

When it comes to cooking, few things are as critical as temperature. Baking recipes cite certain oven settings so dough is cooked through completely without burning the outside.

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Candy making also demands very specific temperature ranges for different types of consistency, from chewy to crunchy. If meat doesn’t reach a minimum temperature, then it may not be safe to eat. Cook meat too hot, then it loses its flavorful juices so a Meat thermometer is crucial.

Just about everything in cooking is temperature-sensitive to a degree, and that’s why every kitchen needs a reliable cooking thermometer.

Focus on features

Some thermometers are designed for only certain functions and others pull double, even triple duty. Selecting the best cooking thermometer for you really depends on how you want to use it. It also depends on whether you want high-tech or low tech.

There are numerous digital thermometers with multiple features to gauge meat temps, for example. However, some are not oven-safe. Some designs allow the probe to go into the oven and the display is connected by a thin cord so the digital components stay out of the heat. With this setup, you can check the meat’s temperature as it bakes or roasts and pull it out at exactly the recommended temp.

Traditional dial thermometers are generally okay to be in the heat (check the manual to be sure). In fact, you can use this model to test an empty oven’s temperature to see if reality matches your oven’s temperature display. One of the drawbacks with dial thermometers it that they may not supply you with pinpoint readings.

Standing thermometers are great to use for candy making or frying because they can be attached to a pan’s side. Remember, if oil gets too hot it will erupt in flames, so controlling the temperature becomes a safety issue.

Ultimately, the best cooking thermometer is the one you are most comfortable using and the one you feel is most reliable for your culinary needs.

Best cooking thermometers

High-end choice

Premium Kiserena Digital Food Thermometer

This professional-grade thermometer features an extra-long stainless steel probe for testing meat’s interior temperatures within ± 2 degrees Celsius. It’s ideal for gauging doneness on the grill as well as stovetop cooking or oven roasting. A waterproof display allows for convenient cleanups.

MSRP: $59.99

Economic choice

Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Even after meat is taken off the heat source, the residual internal heat keeps cooking it, so this thermometer’s 1-second updates give everyday chefs more control. A thinner probe means a smaller puncture site, which helps keep juices from seeping out. Store the thermometer into its anti-microbial case.

MSRP: $18.99

Budget choice

Taylor 5989N Classic Instant Read Thermometer

With a 5-inch probe, this thermometer is well suited for grilling or testing thin pieces of meat or burgers and getting a result in seconds. The dial is protected with shatterproof plastic. For ongoing accuracy, the company includes an exclusive Safe-T-Set recalibration feature with a built-in wrench.

MSRP: $9.99