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What is Detox Tea?

Your body takes in chemicals everyday.  Because of the nature of our world, it’s now impossible to prevent the process of bioaccumulation.  In order to fight back against this, a periodic detox of the body will cleanse the body of the bulk of its accumulated chemicals, and help one achieve a more healthy body.  Detox tea is a popular tool in alternative medicine today for assisting in the overall detoxification process.  In this article we’ll discuss the best teas to detox with, and how to properly detox with tea.

In its most basic form, detoxification is the process of naturally removing toxins from the body.  Chemicals such as ammonia, lactic acid, and homocysteine slowly build up in the body as we take part in our day to day lives.  Detoxification can be both a natural process and an induced process.  For years alternative medicine has sought the best ways of assisting the body in its natural detox process.  The most common method of assisting the body in its detox cycle is a “detox diet.”  Detox diets are generally short term, and consist of consciously eating foods low in toxins, consuming a variety of important vitamins and minerals, and consuming foods high in fiber and other cleansing materials.  The goal is to rid the body of harmful chemicals over an extended period of time.

So why exactly should one go on a detox diet?  Well for starters, health reasons take primacy.  As we go throughout our day, we take in toxins from a variety of different sources.  The things we eat and even the air we breathe in are tainted with an increasing number of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.  The buildup of these chemicals has very unhealthy consequences.  Diseases and general lack of health will inhibit one from enjoying their life fully.  Detoxing will allow the body to flourish in a more natural state, and promote healthy development across the board.

So why tea?  Tea has little caloric content, but is packed with valuable vitamins and minerals.  Drinking detox tea will help with the liver, aiding in its natural cleansing process.  However, it’s important to remember the place of tea in the detox process.  Tea is not meant to be a comprehensive detox program.  Tea should be used in conjunction with other methods, as an aid rather than a primary.

Best for tea

So what teas are best for detox?  Believe it or not one the of the most popular teas, green tea, is one of the best teas for the detox process.  Green tea speeds up the metabolic rate, helping one loose weight.  It also boosts immune system function, helping the body to fight against diseases.  Beyond that, it has amazing detox powers.

Milk thistle is on of the more popular species.  Milk thistle is rich in an antioxidant known as silymarin, which boosts liver function and protects it from further harm.  Burdock is another type that will assist in liver health.  Burdock is rich in inulin and mucilage, which are fibers responsible for healthy digestion.  Dandelion tea is a popular remedy, because of its accessibility and because of its health benefits.  Dandelion helps stimulate the production of bile, which transports toxins away from the liver.  Japanese Matcha tea has high levels of catechins, which act as antioxidants and help the body purge itself of free radicals.  And finally, artichoke tea contains caffeoylquinic chemicals that also increase the body’s production of bile.

How to drink

Tea should be consumed in a certain manner to aid in the detox process.  Tea should be consumed in the morning, and then in the evening.  The morning dose of tea will act as a sort of “refresh,” while the evening tea will act as a cleanse.  The refresh tea of your choice should contain a large amount of minerals and nutrients that will help prepare you for the day.  Your cleanse tea should include senna leaf.  Senna leaf will act as a laxative, and assist you in expelling toxins from your body.  In order to maximize the colon cleansing effect, add things like nettle leaves, dried orange peels, or lemon grass to the mixture.  Bowel movements are the desired result of these measures.  While this may sound unpleasant, it is necessary for the detox to expel chemicals from the body.