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Best Grill Thermometer Guide

When grilling there’s always a certain amount of pressure on the grill master, no matter how much experience he or she may have. Often, the grill is heated up for family, and friends with high expectations of the perfect meal.

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The grill is also the place where you need the most in reaching a certain temperature to thoroughly cook beef or chicken to a safe temperature without having it over done. Some backyards grillers have abandoned the meat thermometer as to difficult to use, or due to a few scorched fingers, but newer technology has made these devices easier for the person behind the grill to use. The best grill thermometer for the job is the one that fills the most needs of the cook, and helps to ensure everyone remains safe while having a perfect meal.

Maverick ET-733: A View from a Distance

In looking at the newer technology added to the grill it’s hard to see how anyone will ever manage to burn their fingertips every again. The newest version of the Maverick ET-733 not only has a larger backlit screen it’s possible to monitor the temperature of the meat on the grill from 300 feet away. The wireless receiver for this thermometer beeps the cook and the LCD screen flashes when the reading of the meat reaches the programmed temperature. While this sounds complicated, this device actually has pre-programmed times for 15 types of meat and poultry making the process one of just clicking on the right setting. Two probes that can work at the same time help to ensure that a larger cut of meat is done on both sides.

Ivation Long Range Wireless: Seeing the Difference

The Invation Long Range Wireless 2 Probe is a BBQ Smoker Meat thermometer. This device will also work well in the oven. For those who like to spend some time with guests whether than spending all their time in the kitchen or standing over the grill this is a good choice. With a slighter smaller price tag this device is also programmable, and will beep the chef when the desired temperature is reached. While it has a few less options as the Maverick it too has a back lit screen that’s easy to see day or night, and it will hold programmed times and temperatures even when the device is shut off.

Cuisinart CSG-700 Wireless Grill Thermometer

The Cuisinart name is well represented in most kitchens. The CSG-700 Wireless Grill Thermometer is a very economical monitoring grill that works from 100 feet away. What it lacks in distance, and programmability, the smaller, easy to use monitor makes up for in holding 6 meat settings including lamb and turkey. For those who want the most convenience at a lower price will find this one probe thermometer and monitor offer a good choice.

The Selection Comes Down to Choice

Those whogrillusually know what will work best for them, and among these selections they are very likely to find the best grill thermometer that meets their expectations.

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