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Toddy Coffee Review

Cold brewing coffee is a means of producing coffee by steeping the coffee grounds in either cold water or at room temperature for a period of time.  Toddy Coffee is a machine that has been created to do the job perfectly and as such, the name has become a by-word for the process.

How to cold press

The process is simple; coarse grind the chosen beans then soak either in water for around 12 hours kept cold or at room temperature.  The grounds then need to be filtered using a paper coffee filter, a fine metal sieve or a felt, in the case of the Toddy Coffee system.  This leaves a coffee concentrate that can then be used with water or milk, served hot or with ice and can have other ingredients added such as chocolate.

Why Cold Press?

The reason this system is popular is that the coffee brewed is generally sweeter as it has a lower acidity.  Mainly this is because during the process, the coffee doesn’t come into contact with heated water and creates a different chemical profile in the resulting coffee.

The cold coffee idea came from Japan based on an idea taken there from Indonesia by the Dutch in the 1600s.  It is sometimes known as Dutch coffee for this reason.  In Japan it is often brewed in large glass devices, particular in the Kyoto/Kansai area where a coffee chain Holly’s Café specialise in it, hence its other name is Kyoto coffee.

Toddy Coffee

The Toddy Coffee brand came about through chemical engineer Todd Simpson who discovered that the high temperature used in making coffee reacts with certain compounds in the coffee and creates the bitterness.  Much as the Dutch and Japanese had in times gone by, he realised that by using cold water, this process didn’t happen and the acidity in the coffee and therefore the bitterness, was reduced.

Fifty years on, the Toddy T2N Cold Brew Systemare a series of machines that takes the work out of the process.  It brews coffee that is 67% less acidic than normal coffee methods and has a cold brew system that works with normal coffee beans and doesn’t need electricity, so can be operated anywhere.  It can even be used to make tea both for hot drinks and for cold ones.

The typical set comes with a brewing container, a glass decanter for the coffee, 2 reusable filters, a rubber stopper and a recipes and instructions guide.  Coffee concentrate produced by these machines can last for up to 3 weeks.

Recipe ideas

Once you have mastered the basics of using the Toddy Coffee system, then you can start experimenting with a few recipe ideas.  One such idea is to take 16 ounces of coarse ground coffee, 9 cups of water and a cup of shredded coconut.  Toast the coconut in a pan by adding it without any oil and stirring until brown.  When you add the ground coffee to the Toddy, add the ground and toasted coconut as well, giving them a stir together.  Leave it to sit at room temperature for around 15 hours then finish the process as normal.  You can then use as a warm or a cold coconut coffee.

Once you have made your basic concentrate there are also lots of ways to make use of it.  From mixing it in a blender with soy cream, organic sweetener and ice to make a Frappuccino-style drink to adding it to cupcake recipes or to make ice cream, the concentrate is multi-purpose.  It can be used in a whole variety of different ways that are only limited by your imagination – and your ability to drink coffee.