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Electric Range Reviews

The electric range gives a cook so many more options than alternatives such as using a gas range. For anyone more comfortable using an electric range, and wanting an oven that can do it all and act as a conventional oven as well there are many choices.

Best High-End Electric RangeBest Economic Electric RangeBest Budget Electric Range

The key to getting any type of oven whether a higher end model or the least expensive possible is to look for those places where it’s possible to get the best deal at an ideal price. The numbers of options in electric ranges are more than most home cooks expect to find at an affordable price, and it’s possible to look online for electric range reviews giving even a novice cook the opportunity to know with certainty the right range they need to accomplish the type of meals or dishes desired.

Samsung Slide-in Electric Range with FlexDuo Oven

Samsung is known for making anything electric, and while some are surprised to see their name on an oven, here again they expertise and eye for details makes for an outstanding choice. The stainless steel construction of the oven is a strong point in the FlexDuo’s favor as are the easy to use glass touch controls with guiding light system. These are a step above most electric ranges and make cooking using various elements simple. The stovetop features five electric cooktop elements along with a triple and bridge burner. The large 5.8 cu ft, oven capacity of the oven ensure making complex meals quickly is possible, and the unique design of the oven makes switching from a single cavity to two smaller cavities for even more convenience. Surprising this oven with so many features and capabilities can be found for less than $2000.

Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range

Frigidaire is a name most often associated with refrigerators, but it is possible to have the smoothly working oven that can match the smoothly running refrigerator. The Frigidaire FFEF3043LS 30 Freestanding electric range with ready-select controls is a stainless steel model. It features ready-select controls and the expandable elements so the cook decides not only on the heat, but also the space taken up on the range by a pot or pan. An extra-large oven window allows the cook to see inside without having to open the oven door giving the heat a chance to escape. A drawer panel keeps clutter from piling up with this extra storage space. This is an oven designed to fit almost any kitchen in style while also making cleaning a breeze. At under $650, this is a good alternative for family wanting a recognizable brand name oven at a reasonable price.

Whirlpool Electric Coil Range

Not everyone wants the stainless steel look, and the Whirlpool Electric Coil WFC130M0AW range in white is another choice at a lower price. For less than $6000 this coil range is 4.8 cu ft. capacity electric range with a storage door for pots, pans, and other cookware. The coil, elements are geared to heat quickly allow an even temperate range for boiling water, frying, or simmering. The oven’s custom broiling option allows the cook to make decisions regarding temperature at 5-degree increments. With this smaller oven it’s still possible to make recipes that call for high heat, or low heat for a delicate menu item.

Finding a Oven

In looking for the right electric range oven it’s important to note the size of the space available, and to read electric range reviews to see the opinions of those who have made a purchase. This will save time and those shopping for the oven will not waste time on ovens that will not work for the space they have waiting for their new electric range.