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Range Hood Reviews

Making dinner for group of friends or just for the family should be a pleasant time when conversation is possible. Cooking usually doesn’t involve much noise the fan on a range hood can change that if it’s not designed to operate smoothly and quietly.

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What makes the Broan range hoods different is the care taken for both a quiet hood, and one with greater operational control. This means less time spent on shutting off the fan or trying to find the right setting.

The Broan Under Cabinet Range HoodThe Broan Under Cabinet Range Hood

The Broan 30 W inch APE1 fits under the cabinet, and is so thin it attracts little notice except for it’s gleaming polished appearance. As thin as it is this is a high performance cabinet that uses 30% less energy than standard models. With a quiet 0.7 Sones at it’s normal speed would complete most expectations, but it also boasts a maximum 440 CFM at high setting. A 42-watt compact florescent light and a 4-watt nightlight help to make the kitchen and range area a safe place. It has a unique tilt-down light system that makes replacing bulbs easier, and a dishwasher safe filters with protective antimicrobial coating to keep the hood from picking up bits of food or becoming coated with grease. Because of its ability, construction, and style this hood is well worth the price of over $280.00.

The QS1 Series Allure Range Hood

Sleek, quiet and offered in some places at a reasonable rate the Broan QS130SS Allure Range Hood is addition to the kitchen that will never detract from either the peace of a making a meal, or from the style of the home. Quiet 1.5 Sone at normal speed, 220 CFM high setting the fan itself has two speeds so it’s not necessary to turn off the fan completely if only a lower level is necessary. The light is also two levels giving the cook a choice between high or low lighting. Made for the duties of keeping the range fan cooled, and well lighted the Allure is stainless steel and fully enclosed for easy cleaning.

Broan Convertible Range Hood

It’s possible to have the same stainless steel contemporary look in the kitchen with a range hood without spending over a $100. The Broan G403004 30 Inch Two Speed 4 way convertible range hood is stainless steel, and has a contemporary styling compatible with higher end models. A dishwasher safe aluminum grease filter makes washing up simple. This model can be found for under $75.

Looking at Broan Range Hoods

Broan, a company that’s been around since 1932 has made many innovations in the use of stainless steel, and has worked to establish themselves as a standard in the industry. Fortunately, this company has models that run from hundreds of dollars to those that are much easier on the pocketbook, but still hold to the same high standards. Broan is a name that sometimes hard to find, but it’s definitely one worth looking out for, when looking at range hoods.